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MRCBA.ORG has commissioned us to purchase two 3 or 4 bedroom houses within the South Bay area for several of their Special Needs Adult Students who they feel are ready to live in a minimum supervised environment!  If you know someone who is considering selling their 3 or 4 bedroom home please have them call us. We offer a $1000 reward on referral sales.


Dear Home Owner:      

Do you own an unwanted house & need to sell quickly? Is your home vacant or soon to be? Need repairs? Are you behind in payments! In foreclosure? Relocating? Divorced? Bad Tenants? Owe Liens? 100% Financed? Estate Sale?  


These are common problems that can happen to anyone! We buy houses from people in situations just like yours in most areas or price range. We can pay all cash with no contingencies & close in a few days if needed.


We will handle all the paperwork and make all the arrangements. We are not a realtors. We are real estate investors and have been buying and selling hourses for more that 15 years. You'll get a quick sale with no hassle and your worries will be over. 


Do you have a situation regarding your home that's hanging over you? There so many different situations in today's world that can cause someone to need to sell their home. Of course, we all know of the more common cases that produce a need to sell your home. Situations like:  


Relocating? Divorced? Bad Tenants?  

Owe Liens? 100% Financed? Estate Sale? 


These are just some of the common reasons, but there are others as well. One thing is for sure, the longer you wait to address your situation, the worst it gets. Suppose your particular situation is one of a public nature, such as an estate sale, a divorce, or a pending foreclosure. In that case, you may think that because you receive so many letters and phone calls from people offering to purchase your home that somehow, you are were targeted. 


Well, the truth is it's not likely. The person who contacted you has learned how to work with the banks to get some discounts. 


You may not be aware of it, but a house that the bank is not receiving payments on is not an asset for them, and they are always happy to have someone purchase it, often at a loss rather than going through an expensive foreclosure. Of course, you have heard it said that the only one who wins in a divorce is the lawyers. With a foreclosure, this is almost always the case. You may not be aware of this: When banks have too many foreclosure homes, the Feds will start getting on them, not something that they look forward to also! 


You are probably wondering if this is possible ... 


Just ask John H. and his wife, Janice. John was in the middle of a home renovation when he ran out of money. He remembered that he had been given the deed to a house as payment for services rendered. John H. was a lawyer and took a case for a client who had no means to pay other than giving him the deed to a house he owned. At the end of the case, John went to check out his home. To John's surprise, the house was in horrible shape and not only that it was in foreclosure. John was at a loss. John had no idea what to do with the house.


John finally decided to offer it up for sale. Several investors (6 total) looked at John's house and turned it down. By chance, John met "the Colonel", yours truly. After realizing that I was also in the home buying business, John H. asked if I would take a look at his house.  


After determining John's property's location, I inform him that I never purchased houses more than 25 miles from my home as a rule. I told John that I would take a look at his home and pass that info on to one of my associates that worked that area. I drove down and looked at John's house. It was a "Junker"… but something caught my eye. The trees in John's yard were the picture image of the trees in the yard where I grew up in Virginia. I fell in love with the trees! I called John and informed him that I would contact him again in a day or two with an offer on his property.  


John was thrilled. I called John back a couple of days later and made an offer. After a couple of hours of negotiations, we agreed. The next day I met with John and his wife and presented them with a check. The entire transaction only took a few days. John and his wife were able to continue with their residential renovations as well as their lives. 


In this particular case, the only reason I made an offer on John's house was because of the trees in John's yard and because John was a nice guy and I wanted to help him! Sometimes nice guys Finish First!


We are not Realtors, nor are we affiliated with a real estate agency. We offer several unique ways that allow people like John to instantly sell their home without the usual time delays and hassles of traditional home selling. Best yet, we don't charge any fees or commissions for our services. 


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